Besuch bei Hamlet-Aufführung

In the evening of July 8th, a rainy Thursday, students of Year 11 drove to castle Zeil to watch an open-air performance of Shakespeare's Hamlet. Because of the unstable weather conditions (actually it was raining cats and dogs), the event manager gave a free raincoat to every visitor. Even though the weather didn't play along, the performance was thrilling and impressive, especially the way in which the actors used the simple stage for their performance. The rain made it hard to understand parts of the dialogues, but the students were able to follow Hamlet's content and understood the plot. The play was shortened from around 4-5 hours to about one and a half hours and the plot was still understandable, which shows what great work had been done. The weather created a mysterious atmosphere, stressing how dramatic Hamlet is. In my opinion, visiting the play was a great experience and I don't regret joining the trip.

Natalie Hörmann, Year 11